Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WFRP and Dragon Age

Both Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing and the Dragon Age Role-Playing Game have a lot of similarities. The Dragon Age setting has a lot in common with the Warhammer Fantasy setting, except that magic is easier to use without being corrupted in Dragon Age. The rules of both games were written by Chris Pramas of Green Ronin, except that Dragon Age is simpler and lets characters live longer.

So, I wonder: What do we really want for Friday night? I'm beginning to lean towards Josh resuming Mystara or WFRP, as we've got a lot of time and effort invested in the both of those already. So far I've been interested in running Dragon Age because it's only slightly more complex than C&C, and we're itching for something other than C&C these days. Also, Josh does not seem to be keen on rushing things, which means that there will continue to be a void for a more long-term campaign on Friday nights in the near future.

The game that I really want to run is The Riddle of Steel or a houseruled variant of it. The problem with that one, though, is that it is deader and more out-of-print than Lejendary Adventure, and has fairly complex combat rules.

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