Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Thematic System, optional rules


The premise of the game can optionally involve special rules in order to flavor the game. Some examples of such optional rules are:

Dungeon Crawl - The possible player roles are: fighter, rogue, cleric, wizard. When roles win conflicts against non-player roles, they acquire "treasure points." These treasure points may be spent to automatically win conflicts, e.g. "I snap the rod of lightning over my knee and thusly invoke its power, thoroughly frying the brains of the orcs before me. I found the rod of lightning from my last adventure." They may also be spent to establish strongholds. For every five treasure points spent on a stronghold, the stronghold gains a level. For each stronghold level, the player gains a new role who may act in the stead of the role who owns the stronghold.

Heroic Fantasy - Roles get "heroic reputation" for accomplishing difficult feats, such as slaying powerful monsters or surviving difficult journeys through hostile terrain. Heroic reputation may then be spent to either win conflicts of soul traits or to put the role's heroic exploits into written records. When a role has stored at least twenty points of his heroic reputation into written records, he is effectively immortalized and becomes a mythical god of legend.

Romantic Drama - When a role wins a conflict, the player of that role chooses to either add or remove a "relationship point" between her own role and any other role in the game. When two roles reach ten relationship points and have a lead of at least two points above all other relationships, they get married and the game ends.

World War - Each role is a whole nation, and soul traits are expressed through culture, economy, military vehicle design, military doctrine, propaganda, etc. Each role begins with ten "victory points." When a role wins a conflict, it chooses to either gain a victory point or cause the opposing role to lose a victory point. Victory points can also be spent to automatically win conflicts, i.e. stall for time. When a role has no victory points left, it may choose to either surrender, or keep on fighting to the bitter end in the hopes of winning future conflicts. Roles who lose conflicts while having no victory points left to spend must sacrifice points from their soul traits.

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