Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dethen Bolrak, Dwarven Rogue

This character went a lot farther than I expected, so I decided to actually do some of the details of his background. Normally I don't do this for D&D / C&C characters, but this is a special occasion.

Dethen Bolrak
Chaotic Good

=== PERSONA ===

Age: 162

Languages: Common, Dwarven

He is from Grundliche Hohle (upper right of the Cradle of the World). He was born into a family of poor trinket crafters. He was drafted for a war against a lesser goblin tribe, who were discovered to have hired a number of kobold mercenaries. Dethen thusly found himself having to disarm a lot of traps, carefully sneak around the tunnels and map them out, and be ready to fight at any time. The battles were very long and very vicious as Dethen became intimately familiar with stakes, pit traps, barbed wire, labyrinthine tunnels, networks of trenches, under-mountain fortresses, mechanical decapitators, and other goblin and kobold machinations.

One experience that Dethen will never forget was a battle that few remember except for him and his comrades. A new guy got caught in some barbed wire, and when he tried to pull himself out, he just kept on getting more and more tangled. Then, a goblin came over and stabbed him in the thigh, then left him there. Dethen and his team saw the whole thing happen, but they could not lift a finger or else the goblins would come down on them. The new guy cried out in pain and begged for help for a whole day, while goblins who were just on the other side of that barbed wire taunted the dwarves and brandished their long spears. Finally, Dethen decided enough was enough, and crawled through to the barbed wire line. He quietly snipped it at strategic points, while feeling hot goblin breath on his face, then crawled all the way back to his comrades and yanked on the barbed wire in order to drag the new guy along the ground. One of the goblins took notice and stabbed the poor guy in the other thigh. By the time the new guy had been retrieved, he was dying of blood loss, and there was nothing that could be done for him. This battle was ultimately unimportant as the main army decided to use a different route to attack the goblins and kobolds, and thus, all this work was for nothing.

After the war was over, Dethen found himself in need of adventure and coin. He paid for his travels by crafting trinkets and artistic items made of metal and stone. It was slow going, and although he became very experienced in the ways of the world, he still had little more than his old military gear and some extra rations.

Eventually, he met the rest of the party, and the rest is history.

He is eligible to be Doge of the local guild, serving a guild councillor directly. However, he is actually more interested in the art of fortress design, trenchworks, and trap-crafting.

Although not faithful to a specific deity within the pantheon, he is gaining respect for Corthain after seeing what Sir Samuel can do. The dwarven beliefs were not deeply ingrained into him since he is from a lower class.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Doing D&D as a Transhumanist Game

Nothing needs to be changed, except for the mindset of the Dungeon Master and the players. All the key ingredients are already there:
  • Post-Scarcity: Create Water, Create Food, Fireball and Lightning Bolt for energy needs, Ice Storm for terraforming
  • Immortality: All of the various Cure Wounds, Reincarnation, and Resurrection spells.
  • Bodily Modification: Books of attribute gain, intentionally doing Stone to Flesh and Flesh to Stone to do other changes, and Wish for everything else.
  • Insurmountable Gaps between Haves & Have-Nots: Only those who can use magic will be part of the new transhuman order.
  • Breakdown of Traditional Morality: In addition to magic enabling all of the above, the only real reason to adhere to an alignment is to gain benefits from deities of that alignment.